Mike & Elaine’s Natural Swimming Pond

Starting the project

From paper to reality day 1 of site preparation

Day 1 starting the project. Removal of dirt and rock to form the 1000 square foot water surface natural swimming pond. 

Wanting your own Natural Swimming Pond

Smashing rock

Digging rock on natural swimming pond

Some ponds have it and some don’t and what is it? Rock and this one has it from 2 feet’s all the way to 5 feet. ( this is normally not included in the price there is a rock clause that cost a little extra if this happens).

for this size pond it was an extra $2500.00 if it was solid rock the price might have been up to $5000.00. We don’t know this until we dig, we will explain everything to you and try and stay in your budget

This could be 1000’s less than a pool with no chlorine

Hole is done, underlayment and liner installed


We installed a 30x40 liner on this job, the wetland filter was an additional 20x20 liner and a 10x10 liner for the additional waterfalls and stream. 

We will work with your budget. Less expensive than a pool

Everything is done in the pond

Natural swimming pond empty

All the rock has been installed, price will vary on what rock is used not every Swimming Pond will be the same. There is a pond for every budget. We pre clean all out pond before filling, 

Call us today to discuss your options

Just need water and we are ready. All ponds are turn key

Landscaed and outdoor lighting complete

We pride ourselves on everything is included we really do want you to have the most for your money. I just can’t give it to you for free or I would. You will love us. 

Why have a boring pool when this looks like a real pool that GOD made

What else can I say

Built 6 months ago and just beautiful

This pond is located in Round Rock Texas and YES you can see it. Call us and we will set you up a time. This pond comes with a price tag of $58,000.  We also gave this customer 3 prize koi valued over $6000.00 for free (just pay shipping and handling). You also make it on our free plant list program.

What‘s included:

everything our see in the above picture the only thing we don’t include is electrical services. We are not electricians we are not plumbers we are pond builders. 

We are not going to lose your business over a few $1000 dollars let’s negotiate your paradise pond. Call today

Robert & Lauren’s Natural Swimming Pond

Starting the project


Day 1 finished pond will be a 1600 square foot pond surface. This was built using both Texas and European styling. Designated 20 x35 Swimming zone and 2 bog areas along wi5h a wetland filter.

I know you have questions. I have answers

Detailing the pond


Having a smooth pond finish is the key to beauty. We take the extra time to make sure the pond we build will be safe and leak free for many years of use. 

With over 12 years of hands on experience. I’m the most experienced in Austin.

Installation of the underlayment and liner.

50x50 epdm liner installation

A lot of underlayment and liner when into this build. We have a 50 x 57 main liner along with a 20 x 20 wetland filter and a 10 x5 stream liner. Over 32 tons of boulders went into this build with the average weight of a stone at 650 pounds a piece. This does not include the gravel over 30 tons of gravel for this build as well. All stone was washed before final water was installed.

Chlorine free swimming ponds for more info CLICK HERE

Filling the pond

Cleaned a finished installation of rocks on the interior

This pond was a 4 day fill up. There is still a week and a half of detail work left to do on this pond.

Our swimming ponds look great year round not just the summer

Looks like a mini lake

Natural swimming pond

Wow this customer now has waterfront property in their backyard.

Add waterfront to your property

I’ll let the picture explain everything

Natural swimming pond installation

With a price tag on this one for $75,000.00 includes landscape and lighting and everything else in the pond. The pond is a little over 6 feet deep and 4.5 deep in the shallows along with bogs on all sides as well as a wetland filter and mini stream and waterfalls. This has a jump dock and jump rocks and much more.

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