Natural Swimming Ponds Installation in Austin

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      What is a natural swimming pond? A natural swimming pond is called many things depending who is saying it. It could be called recreational swimming pond (RSW) or an organic swimming pool (OSP) and natural swimming pond or pool (NSP) being the most popular. NSP are made of 2 areas. The first area is the swim zone and the other zone is regeneration zone. In the European style of these ponds the regeneration zone is often 2 to 4 times larger than the size of the swim zone. The reason for this is the type of pump used for filtration. They are filtered by the bubble system. We live in Texas and the temperatures here are a lot hotter than Europe. So I build with the wetland filter system and reverse wetland skimmer. We can design and build both styles. 

   Unlike a traditionally  chlorine-filled swimming pool, a natural pool is often designed resemble bodies of water in the wild but they can have irregular shapes, along with plants, rocks, waterfalls, boulders and docks.  NSP are much more inviting than the traditional pool. Depending on what time of year it is the NSP takes on so many different looks and feels. NSP normally have a darker bottom than the blue bottom pools. The result of this is the ability to reflect surrounding landscapes. You know the look. The pond looks the same as what is above it. We call it the mirror effect.

Our Top Reasons To Have A Natural Swimming Pond In Your Backyard.

      Your backyard is your sanctuary. It’s where you go to relax with your favorite beverage to enjoy the outdoors. It’s where your kids play and have fun or where you make family memories Barbequing on a Sunday afternoon. Why not add to your backyard’s peaceful appeal by adding a natural swimming pond? Think of it as one big fish tank in your back yard you can swim in that will add to your home’s tranquil state. The charming attraction will delight your entire family and friends that come over for visits. There’s something very relaxing about hearing the peaceful sounds of water as you stare at the fish swimming so serene in your very own pond. If you’re still not convinced you should add a natural swimming pond to your backyard, here are a few reasons it’ll be a wonderful investment:

1. It’s beautiful

The main reason why many homeowners choose to invest in koi ponds is because they’re simply beautiful! The aesthetic appeal a koi pond adds to your property is phenomenal! A boring backyard is immediately transformed into a tranquil retreat in no time. Natural swimming ponds definitely add elegance and style to your backyard! Regular pools are just not natural and take on a more formal look and feel. 

2. Increased home value

A natural swimming pool can greatly increase your home’s value when you’re ready to sell. Many potential buyers will see the beauty in the natural pond, which will put your home at the top of their buying list. You’ll be able to get top dollar for your home and your natural swimming pond might be the selling point that brings in multiple offers.

3. Environmentally friendly

Adding a recreational pond to your backyard will encourage local animals to come and make your backyard home like birds and butterflies. A recreational pond is environmentally friendly and the perfect addition for creating a natural space that’s easy on the eyes.

4. Entertainment for the whole family

Kids love watching fish swim and they’ll love watching the fish in your pond when snorkeling in it. You’ll be able to entertain them for hours, as they find fish fascinating. Visitors will be intrigued with the fish, too, providing much entertainment for all!

5. Good luck

In Japan, koi fish are thought to be mystical fish that provide good fortune and luck to a home. You’ll be making your home extra lucky with the addition of a koi pond!

6. Less Stress

A koi pond is a huge stress reliever and great for normalizing your blood pressure. Simply take a seat by the pond and relax as you soak in the peaceful sounds of the pond and the fish swimming anytime you’re stressed.

These are just a few reasons why natural swimming ponds are wonderful investments! Koi and natural swimming ponds are actually very easy to maintain and are beautiful additions to your home. If you’re looking to add a recreational pond, let us help design you the pond of your dreams. We work in Austin, Texas and surrounding areas and provide quality installations and more!

Natural swimming pond
Natural swimming pond


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