Pondless Water Features, Waterfalls & Rivers

All the sounds of water without a deep visible pond.

Property that is nicely landscaped can increase the value of your home by 15%, allowing the owners to recoup 100-200% of their investment at selling time. Compare this with the investment recovery rates for kitchen remodeling (75-125%), bathroom remodeling (20-120%), swimming pool additions (20-50%).

 Source: Money Magazine, February, 2000

Free Waterscape & Pond Design Estimates:

Free Pond Design Estimates are Gladly Given Over the Phone. We simply need to know the dimensions of what size pond or pondless waterfall you are considering. We can give you a close figure of what your waterscapes will cost to build by square footage alone.

Why are disappearing pond less waterfall becoming so popular? Similarly to the sound of music that soothes the soul, there is something about the sound of water that just relaxes people into serenity that just can’t be matched by any other feature in your landscaping. There is nothing better than coming home from work to hear the sound of a natural stream or waterfall radiating from your front or back yard. OR BOTH. The disappearing pondless waterfall is easier to install than a pond, and most importantly, it means less maintenance than a water scapes ecosystem pond or lawn. Although we will install either or.

So how does pondless waterfalls work. Simply put water recirculates from the top of the water feature to the end of the waterfalls then drops below ground to be pumped back to the top. Extra water storage blocks can be added to turn your pondless waterfalls into a rain exchange ( rain harvesting). Each aqua block holds almost 40 gallons. The diagram below is holding around 350 gallons of extra water. The nice thing about pondless waterfalls is if your not using it, turn it off and all the water in the river will recede below ground and will wait until your ready to use it again.

Pondless rivers, streams or brooks are for the most part the same. Pondless rivers will be the largest of the 3 options. Pondless rivers are so massive that the reservoir will most likely hold 4000 gallons or more. Pondless rivers can take as long as 3 minutes for the water to make it from beginning to end of the stream. The pumps are also huge starting at 10000 gph an hour. In some of our rivers even dual 10000 gph pumps ( GPH Gallons per Hour ). The only thing required for this type of water feature is space and lots of it. Landscape is strongly recommended for the natural look.

Pondless river installation
Pondless river installation